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We specialize in acquisition management and deal origination for companies with revenues between $2M and $20M.



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Advisory & Intermediary Services

Providing a  Range of
M&A Advisory Services

At OpnRoad we solve transition and growth challenges using mergers and acquisitions.

We work with shareholders of privately held corporations with revenues between $2M and $20M, specializing in opening the door to the private capital markets.

If you are looking to delegate the work of buying or selling a business, we are pleased to offer you our range of services.  



Sell Side Services

We connect privately held company owners with strategic buyers and manage the entire sale process.


Deal Origination

We run custom searches to uncover unlisted opportunities and bring them into the market for our clients to purchase.


Business Valuation

We build detailed business valuations which are extremely accurate and simple to understand.


Exit Planning

We work with owners to help determine the optimal exit path for shareholders.


Due Diligence Preparation

We dry-run businesses through due diligence to ensure success in real world scenarios.


Acquisition For Immigration

We secure businesses in Canada and the United States for international buyers seeking to obtain permanent residency via corporate transfers.


M&A Education

We develop and run education programs on business brokerage and M&A for real estate boards, private institutions, and individuals.

The OpnRoad Model
Doing The Work

In contrast to other advisory models, we expect to carry the load.

We pick up the phone, make the calls, find the opportunities, build the relationships, complete the analysis, unite the parties, navigate the hurdles, track the deliverables, and hold people accountable to get the deal done.

That’s our job, and we do the work.

Active Projects

Active Work
Engagements in Q1 of 2022

Bike Shop Roll-Up

Client Goal

Exit in 5-10 years for $8M. Current value of business is $2M.

OpnRoad Deliverable

Find and navigate the purchase of two more locations to increase revenue by $6M. Implement multi-location systems and processes.

Immigration Acquisition

Client Goal

Purchase a winery in BC Canada with $500K – $1M in EBITDA for PR status and diversification of wealth.

OpnRoad Deliverable

Create 7 options for purchase, value the risk of each option, negotiation and manage the business purchase.

Sell-Side M&A

Client Goal

Sell their print shop business in 6 months for $3M.

OpnRoad Deliverable

Valuation, pre-diligence, create marketing material, find strategic buyer, negotiate price and terms, navigate sale process, mitigate tax implications, $3M deposited into shareholders personal account.

North America Expansion

Client Goal

$25M Revenue company in Australia, New Zealand and the UK expanding into North America.

OpnRoad Deliverable

Deliver $3M of new business in 2022-2023 with strategic B2B partnerships.

Business Valuation

Client Goal

Determine if unsolicited offer for health food chain is worth entertaining.

OpnRoad Deliverable

Determine the price range the business would sell for if it went to market, and help navigate the negotiation and sale with the active buyer.

Industry Consolidation

Client Goal

Determine feasibility of consolidating the landscaping and excavation sector.

OpnRoad Deliverable

Create a database of 20,000 excavation companies and contact 5,000 owners to determine market readiness.

Sell-Side M&A

Client Goal

Grow and sell a $600K EBITDA multi-location toy store chain to a strategic buyer for 4x EBITDA in 24 months.

OpnRoad Deliverable

Increase sellability and attractiveness to a strategic buyer so sale price is maximized over a 12-24 month period.

Sell-Side Turnaround

Client Goal

Bring $3.5M revenue property management business back to profitability and sell to a strategic buyer in 12 months.

OpnRoad Deliverable

Business and team analysis to determine strategic turnaround plan. Valuation, pre-diligence, create marketing material, find strategic buyer, negotiate price and navigate the sale process.


“Opnroad helped my company navigate a partner buyout. The assessment package they created was incredibly detailed and surprisingly easy to understand. The market assessment was clear and understandable for both us and our advisors and ensured both partners were treated equitably. Scott took the time to go over the report in great detail and answer all my questions. Great value and great service.”

Isaac Becker

“I certainly underestimated the time, energy and knowledge it takes to sell a business. It took over 2 years, going through unexpected events and serious buyers backing out at the last minutes. I seriously don’t know what I would have done without Scott’s team. I am thankful for their work, their ability to adapt to different situations and mediation skills. I am finally out enjoying early retirement!.”

Sylvie Bisson

Zero Waste Emporium

Paula and Nairn’s goal was to have the business sold in eight months to buyers with the same vision, so they could fund the purchase of development land.

Designations, Licenses & Accreditations

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IMAA (Oct. 2022)

Designations, Licenses & Accreditations

OpnRoad is Certified By:



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