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 Without Investing Any Time Or Effort.

Determine the fastest and most lucrative way to sell your business...even if you plan to sell 2 - 3 years down the road.

About us

We help small business owners achieve freedom by setting their companies up to sell.

What makes us different?

  • We believe every company is sellable.
  • We invest in your company before we ever ask you to invest in your company.
  • When your company sells, we write you a cheque refunding 100% of your consulting fees. That's different!
  • ​We don't wear suits, or use MBA jargon - except when we are meeting with your bankers.

Core Values

Our Why

We believe every entrepreneur has earned a profitable exit.

Our Vision

Increase global prosperity by ensuring businesses can be built upon by the next generation.

Our Mission

Increase success by lowering transition costs, simplifying the sale process, sharing knowledge and connecting networks.

Founders message

Thank you for adding to our society by leading one of its economic engines. The average citizen is at arm’s length from business ownership and unaware of the blood, sweat and tears entrepreneurs put into building their companies. As a fellow owner, I understand the sacrifices you have made, and I thank you.
Henry Ford, Sam Walton, and Larry Page changed the world by looking differently at complex systems, re-engineering wasteful processes, and passing the savings onto consumers.
Inspired by these titans of industry, I set out to analyze the traditional business sale model; with a focus on removing inefficiencies and passing the savings onto owners. The result was GatewayCapital and the Business Sale Accelerator® model.
If you desire to sell your business, I welcome you to explore our unconventional methods and am excited about your success.
Scott Duke

A sale model that takes no time,

and cost you no money. Let's connect.

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