M&A Advisor 


OpnRoad is growing and we are looking for effective dealmakers to join our platform. In 2023 we are expanding our business and team across Canada.

If you are an experienced business broker, M&A advisor, business coach, exit planner or former executive this opportunity is worth your time to explore.


Proper Support with OpnRoad is FREE

(Is this for real??)


Every broker at OpnRoad receives the following at no cost:

A full time administrator to support your deals, including:

  • E-mail support
  • Posting of all deals
  • Follow-up and screening of all buyer leads
  • Diligence tracking
  • Closing activities tracking
  • General administrative task

Sate of the art software to power more deal flow:

  • The ultimate CRM with 20,000 screened sellers pre-loaded, 30,000 buyers, and a step-by-step click through process for tracking deals, and buyers through the deal seamlessly. 
  • Exit readiness, and pre-diligence software so you and your admin can professionally screen every deal before going to market.
  • Comp databases (BVR, BRG, BizMiner, PeerComps, IBIS World, etc.) 
  • Data rooms
  • Email marketing software
  • Deal tracking software
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Head office team to handle 100% of the boring work, at no cost:

  • Valuations
  • Creation of marketing materials – Blind Profile, Financial Overview, and CIM
  • Meeting scheduling for potential buyers
  • Weekly Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Blog, newsletter and Podcast marketing.
  • All bookkeeping and accounting.
  • Payment platform.

A Better Split and Compensation Plan

  • 70% on the deals you originate, 50% on the ones we give you.
  • We pay you $500 – $1,000 on every valuation we do for you
  • We pay you $500 – $750 a month for every active deal you are working on.
  • We have a benefits program.
  • We have a profit share program.

Other Benefits

  • Direct mentorship from our head advisors
  • Free education – Business Sales Accelerator
  • We are actually a team and meet weekly to support each other on deals
  • We are a modern company, not a dinosaur
  • We are focused and dedicated to being the largest lower market M&A firm in Canada and the US. Come along for the ride!

 Average Dealmaker Compensation

 The average dealmaker at OpnRoad has a portfolio and year that looks like

  • $8,000 in valuation income annually (passive income)
  • 8 active deals, generating $6,000 a month in take home recurring revenue.
  • Average deal size is $3M in EV
  • 4 closings a year generating $480,000 in commissions


Connect with Scott via Email

Looking for more information on our M&A advisor program, you can contact Scott at –



We are starting to bring on new M&A Advisor partners in Q1 of 2023.


We are looking to bring on advisors across Canada and the US through 2024. In 2023 we will be partnering with advisors in the following Canadian provinces:

  • British Columbia
  • Alberta
  • Saskatchewan
  • Manitoba
  • Ontario
  • Nova Scotia

Who Would Be a Fit?

Advisors how are:

  • Not conflict avoidant
  • Have a high level of emotional intelligence
  • Deep grasp of accounting and business operations
  • Finance & business experience
  • Love sales and negotiation
  • Have experience in M&A or business brokerage


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