Industries We Serve

We help owners in North America with revenues over $2M and specialize in three sectors:

Professional Service Based Businesses

Traditional Service Based Businesses

High Margin Brick & Mortar Retail Businesses

Service Businesses

Professional Service Businesses

Professional service businesses are knowledge based companies providing consulting and advisory to a wide variety of industries.

Some examples of the industries we have curated buyers for and specialize in selling and acquiring are listed below.


Traditional Service Businesses

Traditional service businesses are the companies that often work behind the scenes to keep our world running.

Some examples of the industries we have spent time curating buyers and specialize in selling are listed below.


Professional, Scientific & Technical Services
Architectural & Engineering Services
Managment Consulting
Title & Escrow Companies
Oil & Gas Consulting
Art Studios, Commercial Artists
Computer Software
Telecom Networking (Computer System Design)
Logistics (Process, Physical Distribution, and Logistics Consulting Services)
Telecom Networking
Environmental Consulting Services
Digital Marketing Agency & Advertising Agency
Property Management
Office Administrative Services
Janitorial Services
Security Systems
Employment Placement Agencies
Staffing Agencies
Landscaping Services
Lawn Care
Traffic Control Company
Junk Removal Service
Hazardous Waste Services
Environmental Remediation
Septic & Well Pumping Service
Plumbing & HVAC
Commercial & Industrial Machinery equipment repair
Automotive Body Shop
Rental & Leasing Service (All)
Commercial & Industrial Machinery Equipment Rental
Waste Management
Excavation Services

High Margin Brick & Mortar Retail


The average retail shop sells for a 2-3x multiple. The buyer groups we work with are looking for retail stores with net profit margins over 20%, and EBITDA (Earnings) over $300K.

If your retail business fits this criteria we will work with you for 2-3 months leading up to your sale to position your company to sell to a strategic buyer for a 4-5x multiple. 


We have sold 4 bakeries in the last three years. Our buyers love the industry for its high profit margin, low inventory costs, and high inventory turn.

Toy Stores

There are over 10,000 toy stores in North America and the industry is only starting to consolodate. Our buyers love this industry for its high profit margin, and ability to withstand economic downturns.

Souvenir Stores

Souvenir stores are a sector we enjoy working with as the customer less price sensitive on holidays and looking for memorabilia. Margins in this industry run 80% higher than traditional retail shops which excites our investors.

Art Dealers

Art dealers are without question the hidden gem of the retail world. We have a portfolio of investors who only buy art dealerships, and we look forward to working with you to position your business so it is attractive to their investment committies.



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