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Opnroad is a simple way to prepare and sell your

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Strategic Information

We prepare reports mapping out all possible routes for exiting your business.

Less Work

You select the best exit path for you, and delegate the entire sale process to our team.

All The Power

Remain in control of your business, while reviewing the offers we bring to your table.

More Earnings

Accept an offer and walk away with your cash.

Get a Head Start

Quickly get answers to:
  • Pricing Model: How our model differs from traditional brokerage?
  • Confidentiality: How we sell companies without anyone knowing?
  • ​​Protecting Staff: How we ensure your staff are looked after?
  • Maximizing Price: How we market your company so it sells for the highest possible price?

Check your exit plan off the list today.

With a valuation, risk assessment, and detailed exit plan.

Some Problems we Solve:


I put everything I have into my company and need to unlock it to retire.

Maximize Value

I care about maximizing value and want to sell for the most I possibly can.

Family Time

I want to spend more time with family.

Escape Plans

I am burnt out of running my company and want to escape.

New Business Funds

I want to start another business and my current company is holding me back.

Care for Staff

I want to ensure my customers and staff are looked after when I am gone.

Power & Identity

I want to sell, but don't know who I will be without my company.


I don't want my customers, competitors, or staff to know I am selling.

Do it Right

I have lots of time to plan a proper exit and want to do it properly.

Remove Problems

I want all the headaches my business causes removed.

Free Time

I want to travel without thinking about my business.

Where to Start

I want to sell, but have absolutely no idea where to start.

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Surprisingly Easy to Understand

"Opnroad helped my company navigate a partner buyout. The assessment package they created was incredibly detailed and surprisingly easy to understand. The market assessment was clear and understandable for both us and our advisors and ensured both partners were treated equitably. Scott took the time to go over the report in great detail and answer all my questions. Great value and great service.."
Isaac Becker
Skookum Revelstoke Management

Highly Recommend

"We acquired our first business through Scott four years ago. His expertise and professionalism kept the process orderly and his communication was first-rate. I would highly recommend Scott and his team.."
Mike Brown
Co-Owner, Taco Club

Massive Help

"The Opnroad team was a great help appraising my businesses and commercial property. The advisory service and market value document were a massive help putting together a transition strategy."
Robert Allison
President, Big Eddy Distribution

Enjoying Early Retirement

"I certainly underestimated the time, energy and knowledge it takes to sell a business. It took over 2 years, going through unexpected events and serious buyers backing out at the last minutes. I seriously don’t know what I would have done without Scott’s team.
I am thankful for their work, their ability to adapt to different situations and mediation skills. I am finally out enjoying early retirement!."
Sylvie Bisson
Owner, Woolsey Creek

A sale model that takes no time,

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