"I wish I'd known what I know now, when I was younger" 
- Rod Stewart

The Beginning

By 2005 I had founded five small companies — a momentary success followed by a round of painful failures, as in succession each business shutdown before the end of 2010. A massive erosion of value and a serious ego blow.

My Big Mistake

The most painful business closure was Basecamp. A wakeboard company, which at the time was North America's largest, having five locations and over 30 staff. 

Sadly, owner dependence caused this company to be unsellable. I have no doubt Basecamp would still be running today if I had known then what I know now. 

If You Are:

The Aftermath

Nearly bankrupt from the shutdowns, struggling to get back in the game, in 2011, I ran a hot dog cart for 12 months (Duke's Dogs), saving enough capital to found a radio station (Stoke FM), which then funded the purchase of a property management company (Revelstoke Property Services). 

My singular focus at the time was building businesses capable of existing beyond the founder, and leave legacy.  

The Learning Years

To guarantee success and avoid the pain of shutting down of another company, I dove deep into educating myself on how to building a sellable businesses, what creates value for a buyer, and exactly how the M&A sale process works. 

To date, my accumulation of knowledge on business transition includes: 

  • CBI: Certified Business Intermediary designation with the IBBA
  • CVB: Certified Value Builder through John Warrillow author of Built to Sell
  • CM&AA: Certified Mergers and Acquisition Advisor through the AM&AA
  • Real Estate Licensing:  Managing Broker, licensed for trading services, strata management and property management through the RECBC.
  • 44 Day Challenge: I once purchased every book Amazon sells on business sales and spent 44 days in a row getting up a 4:00 am,  reading a book and filming a YouTube review before heading into work. This was a ridiculous personal challenge and can be viewed here  - 44-Day Challenge Playlist
  • MBA: From the Jack Welch Management Institute at Strayer University in Washington, DC
  • 2CCX: Member of Russell Brunson's the two comma club, a group of entrepreneurs dedicated to empowering small business growth.
  • UpLevel Consulting:  Member of Sam Oven's consulting network, a group of entrepreneurs dedicated to the improvement of business educational systems. 
  • Author: I authored and facilitate the business brokerage course for BC's 30,000 Real Estate Agents and have trained over 350 brokers on how to sell main street businesses.
  • Author: I authored the Business Sale Accelerator and The Business Sale Navigator, two DIY programs for small and medium sized business owners.
  • Founder: The Happy Dealmaker YouTube Channel and the Scale & Exit Club both dedicated to helping small business owners achieve successful sales and freedom.
  • Founder: SellASmallBusienss.com - The internets largest repository of links to help small business owners transition.
  • ​Founder: Exit Plan Summit, the worlds largest online event of business sale experts sharing their knowledge directly with owners, held each January. 

If You Are:

Successful Sales

In 2013, Stoke FM transitioned to general management and a board of directors. It has now been broadcasting for 7 years, 24/7 without my involvement. The pride experienced from watching a company you founded provide a future for a new generation is a phenomenal feeling. 

Revelstoke Property Services sold in 2018 to private equity and continues to grow under new management. The impact a liquidity event of its kind brings to your family provides a kind of freedom I want every business owner to experience.

To help more owners achieve this joy, I founded Welstand Business Brokers Inc. in my hometown of Revelstoke, BC, Canada. Following Welstand, in 2017, I founded Gateway Capital, an organization with a mandate of increasing the number of small businesses sold in the US and Canada through the direct education of owners and brokers. 

In 2020, we started OpnRoad.io, a technology-based project management company providing white-glove business sale services to mainstreet and lower mid-market businesses.

Giving Back & Serving

Chairman of AngelList and venture capitalist Naval Ravikant stated "The purpose of life is to relieve suffering." I strongly agree, believing part of our role in life is discovering the human suffering we are best suited to relieve and dedicate our lives to creating joy through its eradication.

I founded OpnRoad.io to substantially increase the number of successful business sales in North America, and remove the suffering of failed transactions. 

I welcome you to reach out to myself or our team, we would love to connect and help you simplify your business sale experience.

Scott Duke
Founder, OpnRoad.io

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