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Partner Network ™

A growing network of leading M&A Advisors across North America.

Jim Yerxa – Partner, Atlantic

We power M&A advisors across North America.

Instantly grow your lead pipeline by 10x.

Free 200+ hours of your time – on every deal.

Unlock your power to run $3M – $30M deals.

Instantly eliminate your CRM, marketing, & sales challenges.

Receive exclusive access to industry-leading deal structuring tools.

M&A Education | OpnRoad

Who’s it For?

Designed with you in mind.

Existing Business Intermediaries, Wanting

  • an endless stream of qualified leads and clients
  • a massive reduction of administrative work
  • to land and close larger deals
  • to retain 100% of your commissions

Professional Firms Expanding Into M&A

  • exit planning professionals
  • realtors and business brokers
  • accounting practices
  • consulting firms
  • law firms
M&A Education | OpnRoad

Complete List of Benefits

A detailed breakdown of the Partner Network’s ™ 40+ benefits.

Scott Duke, Founder, OpnRoad M&A

M&A Education | OpnRoad

5 Years of R&D

All Yours, With One Click.

Complete & Populated CRM/ERP System
Problem – Your CRM is ineffective or non-existent. Solution – Our CRM and sales system took $1M and 5 years to build. It’s yours, with no work and no upfront investment. Time You Save – 5 years building, testing and perfecting a CRM specific for M&A. Money You Save – $1M in development. Bonus #1 – Your CRM comes with 2,500 sellers in your geographic area and a network of 2,500 buyers. All sellers have companies with over $3M in revenue. Bonus #2 – We have built training videos on using the CRM for your administrator and the entire team. Bonus #3 – Our CRM/ERP runs the front end and the back end of an M&A business. It is the only end-to-end solution that covers every element of your business. For most of our Partners, it eliminates 80% of the other software they currently use. Bonus #4 – Our CRM/ERP is designed to have your employees run it, so you don’t have to manage data entry. Bonus #5 – We continually invest in the CRM, so it is constantly improved for our Partner Network ™ at no additional cost to them. Video Explanation
Marketing System
Problem – Your marketing system delivers less than 15 new prospects weekly. Solution – Use the Partner Network’s ™ marketing system, and never worry about where your next deal is coming from again. Time You Save – ~3 years of testing, refining, and building a marketing system and team. Money You Save – ~$100,000 per year in marketing Bonus #1 – When you join the Partner Network’s ™, we give you 3,500 qualified business leads in your geography, doing between $2.5M and $30M in revenue. Bonus #2 – We give everyone in the Partner Network ™ the system to convert these leads to prospects and then to clients. Video Explanation
Sales Strategy, Systems, & Tools

Problem – Leads are lost because they are not properly tracked or followed up on.

Solution – Use the Partner Network ™ sales system to convert your pipeline or build your sales team. 

New Deals – Convert 2x more deals.

Time You Save – ~2 hours per prospect

Additional Revenue – $200,000 to $1,000,000 annually

Bonus – Never worry about where a lead is in your sales pipeline again.

Video Explanation

Valuation Analyst Team Support
Problem – You have no team members to run valuations and create client-facing business or industry analysis reports. Solution – Leverage the bench strength and time of the Partner Network’s ™ analysts. Time You Save – 1 FTE (full-time equivalent) Your Money Saved – $120,000 annually to hire an analyst. Bonus – Your company appears to have more bench strength with an analyst. Video Explanation
Prospect Data Team
Problem – Finding the owner’s contact information for all the businesses you want to work with is costly and time-consuming. Solution – Have the Partner Network ™ data team fill your CRM with the owner information of every targeted business in your geography. New Deals – 2 – 5 new deals annually. Time You Save – ~2,000 hours annually. Money You Save – $35,000 in database development and management costs. Bonus – If you don’t have a CRM, our data team does it for you. Video Explanation
Center of Influence ™ Program
Problem – Nurturing referral sources is time-consuming and challenging to systematize. Solution – Use the Partner Network ™ tracking and nurture program to strengthen your key referral relationships and seamlessly add new ones. New Deals – 2x to 3x your business coming through referrals. Time You Save – 100 hours per year Additional Revenue – $150,000 – $750,000 annually (assumes $150K per deal). Bonus – Reduce anxiety caused by not nurturing high-value referral partners. Video Explanation
Optimized Client Interaction Model
Problem – You spend too much time with your clients, and they can call, text, and email you 24/7. Solution – Our Partners use a tested model that increases client satisfaction and reduces client interaction by 90% per deal.  Time You Save – 50 hours per deal Money You Save – $12,500 per deal  (assumes your hourly rate at $250/hr) Video Explanation
Monthly Newsletter (Future Release)
Problem – Writing, designing, and distributing monthly newsletter content is time-consuming. Solution – White-label the Partner Network ™ monthly newsletter. Time You Save – 5 – 10 hours per month Money You Save – $10,000 per year (assumes your hourly rate at $250/hr) Bonus – Eliminate the monthly cost of your current newsletter software Video Explanation
Social Media Posts (Future Release)
Problem – Creating relevant daily social media content is time-consuming and complex. Solution – Leverage and repurpose the Partner Network ™ daily content designed for distribution to your audience and across all your social platforms. Time You Save – 30 hours per month Money You Save – $15,000 – $30,000 annually, hiring a marketing and content creation agency. Video Explanation
International Presence

Problem – Your company is not landing larger deals because it does not appear to have an international presence.

Solution – The Partner Network ™ strengthens as it grows, giving each member a national and international footprint.

Time You Save – ~20-30 years building a company with locations across the globe.

Money You Save – $1M to build out a network of M&A professionals around the world.

Bonus – Land larger deals by having an international presence.

Video Explanation

Maximize Bench Strength
Problem – Some larger companies prefer working with businesses with a suite of executives and designated employees. Solution – Leverage the Partner Network’s ™ cumulative talent, experience, and designations to sell your services to larger businesses. Time You Save – 5-10 years attracting and building a C-suite level team. Money You Save – $350K – $2M in annual salaries. Bonus – As a network of professionals, we are all exponentially stronger. Video Explanation
Increase Your Prices & Land Larger Deals
Problem – You are not charging as much as you are worth. Solution – Leverage the sales systems, operational processes, and client-facing materials to charge more for your services and land larger deals. Time You Save – No more wasted time on deals that don’t close. Additional Revenue – $25K to $50K per deal. Bonus #1 – We keep investing in improving the Partner Network ™  product, which you directly benefit from. It only gets better! Bonus #2 – Unlike other networks, you keep 100% of your commissions. Video Explanation
Shift to Recurring Revenue Model
Problem – Cash flows are lumpy due to the nature of the M&A industry, resulting in increased stress at times. Solution – Stabilize and reduce your cash flow risk overnight by shifting your brokerage to a recurring revenue model. Time You Save – 12 months creating a sales system and legal framework to sell your clients on monthly payments. Additional Revenue – Guaranteed $18,250 – $30,000 from every client. Bonus #1 – Backstop your hard work, and never lose money on a failed deal. Video Explanation
Business Operating System Architecture

Problem – Your time is wasted finding important client or company files. 

Solution – Our Partners copy/paste a simple-to-use, standardized and replicable file architecture.

Time You Save – ~10 hours per year per employee

Money You Save – $250 per year, per employee

Video Explanation

Forms (NDA, LOI, Referral, Listings, and More)

Problem – Your legal documents are not flexible and limit the scope of your work.

Solution – New legal documents covering sell-side, buy-side, consulting, search, and valuation work.

Time You Save – 12 months of updated legal documents.

Money You Save – $20,000 in legal fees.

Video Explanation

Marketing Templates

Problem: Your marketing documents are not world-class and take too long to prepare.

Solution: Partners have access to all of our in-house marketing templates.

Time You Save: 6 months developing marketing materials.

Money You Save: $8,000 in graphic design fees.

Bonus #1: Your marketing documents come with online data collection forms to collect information from your client with a single link.

Video Explanation
Systemized Client Data Collection
Problem: Collecting information from your clients for onboarding, valuations, and marketing material is slow and painful. Solution: Our Partners are given an online data collection system which drops their time spent collecting information off of owners to zero and makes the process more enjoyable for clients. Time You Save: 50+ hours a year Money You Save: $12,500 per year. (assumes your hourly rate at $250/hr) Bonus #1: Your admin can easily manage collecting client data without making any errors. Video Explanation
Pre-Diligence System & Template
Problem: Your pre-diligence process is ineffective, non-existent, or takes too much time to run. Solution: Our partners can run an investment banking level pre-diligence in one client meeting. Time You Save: 20+ hours per client. Money You Save: $50,000 per year (assumes your hourly rate at $250/hr). Bonus #1: Your admin can now effectively run your pre-diligence process for you. Bonus #2: You can take on larger deals requiring a thorough pre-diligence process. Video Explanation
Deal Tracking System & Template

Problem: When you have 5+ active projects, keeping track of where each deal is can be a challenge.

Solution: The Partner Network deal tracking system connects all of your team, and your clients’ external advisors to project manage a deal from start to finish, and it works for 1, 2, or 200 deals at no additional cost.

Time You Save: 75+ hours per deal

Money You Save: $187,500 per year (assumes your hourly rate at $250/hr and 10 clients annually).

Additional Revenue: $300K+ (assumes you can manage 3 – 10 more deals a year).

Bonus #1: When your deals are managed in a systematic way, with a project management tool, you can outsource any part of your deals to your admin or other employees.

Video Explanation

Business Sale Accelerator ™ Education

Problem: You are new to business brokerage or M&A.

Solution: Partners build their confidence quickly by get access to a 30-hour program designed to get you to a professional level in a week.

Time You Save: 2 years of education.

Money You Save: $5,000 in course costs.

Bonus #1:Avoid reading 44 M&A books, and taking eight years of courses. I consolidated everything I learned over the period into the Business Sale Accelerator.

Video Explanation

M&A Education | OpnRoad

Systematize Your Company

Easily delegate/automate 600+ hours per client! 

M&A Education | OpnRoad

Upgrade Your Analysis Tools

The Best Tools – with Your Brand

Market Value Assessment ™ (MVA)

Problem: Your valuation tool is complicated; you can’t sell the report for $6,000 – $10,000, and it is not powerful enough to use with $5M – $100M revenue companies.

Solution: Partners get access to the Market Value Assessment tool and can run unlimited valuations for free.

Time You Save: 10 hours per valuation.

Additional Revenue:$300,000+

Bonus #1: You now have a new revenue stream in your business. With one employee, you can easily earn another $300,000 a year in valuation work – with only one valuation a week.

Bonus #2: The valuation tool is so simple it could be run by a child. Additionally, the tool has 45 embedded videos which self-train employees as they complete their first valuation, so you can easily scale your new valuation business as large as you would like.

Video Explanation

Business Sellability Tool
Problem: You have historically taken on listings which were unsellable. Solution: Partners get a sellability analysis tool which can determine if a business is sellable in 5 minutes. Time You Save: 200+ hours a year, avoiding unsellable listings. Bonus #1: You now only take on deals which are sellable. Bonus #2: Using our collaborator network referral program, you can monetize unsellable businesses by introducing them to our coaching partners. Video Explanation
Value Acceleration Calculator ™ (VAC)
Problem: It is difficult to explain the value you bring to a transaction, and building trust with a prospective client can take months, and sometimes years. Solution: Partners establish clarity on their value and a year’s worth of trust in 20 minutes using the value acceleration calculator. Time You Save: 10+ hours per prospect Your Saved Money: $125,000 per year. (Assumes your time is valued at $250/hr and you meet 50 prospects annually). Bonus #1: The VAC tool takes 1 hour to learn how to use, and five client meetings to master. Video Explanation
Value Gap Calculator

Problem: Your clients have a difficult time understanding why they can’t leave their businesses.

Solution: Partners use the value gap calculator to visualize for owners how they are stuck in the owner’s trap, and how your M&A services can help them.

Video Explanation

Real Estate Optimization Tool
Problem: You struggle to determine what rent a client’s holdco should be charging the opco to maximize the value of their real estate holdings, and their company’s value. Solution: Partners get access to a tool which calculates the exact rent amount to charge to maximize the value of both assets. Bonus #1: You can now easily value real estate, and simultaneously maximize its value for your clients. Video Explanation
Offer Comparison Calculator
Problem: Comparing multiple offers side-by-side for clients takes time. Solution: The MVA has a tool which automatically compares offers side-by-side to help sellers determine which is best for them. Time Saved: 20 hours per deal. Money Saved: $50,000 per year. (Assumes your time is valued at $250/hr and you run 10 deals a year) Bonus #1: The tool also helps us as advisors identify the best offer for our clients. Video Explanation
Working Capital Calculator (Q1' 24)

Problem: Determining working capital in every deal is a pain.

Solution: The MVA automatically runs a simple and detailed calculation of working capital, and prints out an easy-to-understand visualization for your buyers and sellers.

Time Saved: 20 hours per deal.

Money Saved: $50,000 per year. (Assumes your time is valued at $250/hr and you run 10 deals a year)

Bonus #1: The tool also helps us as advisors understand working capital in each of our deals.

Video Explanation: Coming Soon

Access to 7 Listing Sites

Problem: Paying for 7+ business listing sites gets expensive.

Solution: Our Partners get access to the following listing sites for free.

Money Saved: $9,600 annually.

Bonus #1: The listing module in the CRM reduces your admin’s time to post on each site by 60%.

Video Explanation

Automation Software Assistance
Problem: Many daily tasks can be automated, but figuring out how to set things up is time-consuming and requires technical knowledge. Solution: We set our Partner’s automation up for them when we activate their CRM. Time Saved: 10 hours per deal Money Saved: $25,000 per year. (Assumes your time is valued at $250/hr, and you run 10 deals a year.) Bonus #1: Automated email responders, auto invoicing, auto CRM data completion Video Explanation
Business Valuation Resources (BVR)

Problem: Business Valuation Resources is the largest database of multiples, but it is expensive if you don’t submit 3+ deals a year.

Solution: Partner program administrators submit your deals, and if you don’t have three deals in a year, our analysts can pull data for you until your next deal closes, or use some of our overflow deal information to top up your account. 

Time Saved: 10 hours annually

Money Saved: $1,200 per year

Video Explanation

Private Equity Info (PEI)
Problem: Private Equity Info is $7,000 annually if you are not a member of the M&A Source. Solution: All Partners have free M&A Source memberships, which include PEI. Money Saved: $7,000 annually Bonus #1: PEI has detailed search criteria and contact information for over 5,000 private equity companies. Video Explanation
Vertical IQ
Problem: Researching new industries to excel in client listing presentations is time-consuming. Solution: All Partners have free M&A Source memberships, which include Vertical IQ. Money Saved: $1,200 annually Video Explanation
Business Reference Guide (BRG)
Problem: Researching new industries to excel in client listing presentations is time-consuming. Solution: All Partners have free IBBA memberships, which include Business Reference Guide. Money Saved: $600 annually Video Explanation
Phantom Buster Lead Pre-Load

Problem: Identifying businesses to target, and acquiring owner contact information is time-consuming and expensive.

Solution: Partners have their CRM loaded with every prospect listed on Google with revenue over $2M.

Time Saved: 200 hours

Money Saved: $3,600 annually (Cost of Phantom Buster)

Additional Revenue: $300,000+ (Assumes you land 3 new deals using the data)

Video Explanation

Seamless.ai Lead Pre-Load

Problem: Identifying businesses to target and acquiring owner contact information is time-consuming and expensive.

Solution: Partners have their CRM loaded with every geographic prospect in the Seamless.ai database with revenue over $2M.

Time Saved: 200 hours

Money Saved: $2,300 annually (Cost of Seamless.ai)

Additional Revenue: $300,000+ (Assumes you land 3 new deals using the data)

Video Explanation: Coming Soon

M&A Education | OpnRoad

Free Software

Eliminate $21,000+ of annual software costs.

M&A Education | OpnRoad

Knowledge & Collaboration

Network & Knowledge Sharing Benefits.

Monthly Partner Network ™ Meeting

Problem: My company is not growing fast enough, and I am not on the leading edge of corporate development in the M&A industry.

Solution: The Partner Network meets monthly to collaborate on ideas of how to make our businesses better.

Video Explanation

IBBA & M&A Source Memberships

Details: Partners have their IBBA and M&A Source memberships paid for.

Money Saved: $1,200 annually

Bonus #1: iBBA and M&A Source have many other benefits

Video Explanation

Dedicated Partner Network ™ Live Chat

Problem: You have a limited number of executives in your organization to brainstorm ideas with or solve complex deal problems.

Solution: The Partner Network ™ has a Slack channel with partners across the globe.

Video Explanation

Dedicated Collaborator ™ Live Chat
Problem: You don’t have direct access to screened and high-performing Wealth Planners, Exit Planners, Business Coaches, Lenders, Immigration Consultants, CPAs, Tax Specialists, Coaches, Lenders, Lawyers, Real Estate Agents, Accountants, Tax Advisors, Valuation Experts, Insurance Agents, Investment Bankers, Fractional CFO’s, Family Enterprise Advisors, Leaseback Agents, Psychologists. Solution: All Partners are part of the collaborator community, a network of screened professionals around the globe we can feel comfortable introducing our clients. Time Savings:  2,000 hours building the network Video Explanation
Association With a National Brand

Problem: Your competitors’ product offering is not as good as yours, but their national brand is winning more business.

Solution: Our Partner Network ™ instantly become part of a national brand.

Time Saved: 5+ years of scaling a company nationwide.

Video Explanation

Client Referral Network

Problem: You pass on several deals because they do not fit your mandate.

Solution: Share deals within the Partner Network ™ be guaranteed a referral payment.

Additional Revenue: $50,000 per year (Assumes you refer 4+ deals).

Video Explanation

Curated Buyer Database of 2,500+

Problem: Matching buyers to sellers is time-consuming, and you don’t have a CRM that does it automatically.

Solution: The Partner Network ™ CRM is built with this as a primary function.

Bonus: You have the instant benefit of every other Partner increasing the size of our collective buyer and seller database simultaneously.

Video Explanation

Employee Onboarding & Training

Problem: Onboarding and training new team members on systems and processes is time-consuming.

Solution: All our Partners have access to the employee training LMS, which trains the following roles:

  • Administrator
  • Account Executive
  • Analyst
  • Data Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Social Media Manager

Time Saved: ~20 hours per employee.

Video Explanation

M&A Education | OpnRoad


Our growing network of trusted partners from coast-to-coast.

Scott Duke

Founder & Lead Advisor

Scott has worked with hundreds of owners to  maximize the value of their businesses. Beyond leading the OpnRoad team, he serves as the Lead Advisor on our M&A transactions.

More about Scott...

Scott is an active board member of the International Business Brokers Association ® and an instructor for 250+ Realtors through the British Columbia Real Estate Association ®.

Some of Scott’s past experiences include:

  • Purchased and scaled Revelstoke Property Services 10x with Eve Duke, and sold to a private equity firm in 2018
  • Founded StokeFM radio station in 2011
  • Served on Revelstoke City Council for four years

Outside of work, Scott enjoys a good surf trip down south and a fresh power lap down “Catcher’s Mitt” in Revelstoke, BC.

Jim Yerxa

Partner, Atlantic

Jim, based in Atlantic Canada, is a distinguished professional with a career that spans the realms of law, commercial real estate, business brokerage, and M&A. With decades of experience, he is a trusted expert in investment real estate and business transitions.

More about Jim...

His track record speaks volumes, having facilitated transactions from modest, family-owned “mom-and-pop” enterprises to more complex, high-value deals surpassing $20 million.

Jim holds degrees in Business and Law from the University of New Brunswick. He is also part of the Alliance of Mergers and Acquisitions Advisors, and the International Business Brokers Association.

Outside of work, you’ll find Jim on, in, or under the nearest body of water or sailing in the Caribbean, working towards his Yachtmaster certifications.

Rick J. Krebs

Partner, Business Sales Group (Utah)

Rick brings a unique blend of sales, entrepreneurial, and financial experience to Business Sales Group. He began his career as a CPA, working in Nevada and Utah, where valuable financial experience was gained.

More about Rick...

He graduated with a Master’s of Science Degree and Bachelor’s Degree from Utah State University. As a business owner he started Liberty Mortgage, a mortgage bank licensed in 23 states nationwide. He eventually sold the successful company to an investor from California. He has been in the M&A space helping people sell their businesses since July, 2010. During his first year with BRC, he listed and sold more businesses than the entire office combined.

As a sale-side and buy-side advisor for Mergers and Acquisitions transactions Rick’s advisory, accounting, and management skills are invaluable when advising sellers as they maneuver the intricate details of the deal through closing. Rick is also a CNA (Certified Negotiation Expert) which helps him negotiate the most favorable terms for clients in a transaction.

Rick was quoted by FORBES as an expert sales-side advisor who helps Sellers avoid the pitfalls of selling a business.

Ron Hunter

Partner, Equitas M&A (Burlington)

Ron is the founder of Equitas and Broker of Record. He is a Certified Business Intermediary and a member of the International Business Brokers Association, previously serving as Secretary-Treasurer.

More about Ron...

Ron also holds designations as a Chartered Professional Accountant, a Certified Business Appraiser, and a Licenced Real Estate Broker. His entrepreneurial work includes creating the Canadian network of Coldwell Banker offices.

Jim Stan

Partner, Equitas M&A (Brampton)

Jim has a lifetime of entrepreneurial experience finance, technology, advertising, and publishing. He is currently a Broker with Ron at Equitas M&A. A member of the International Business Brokers Association, Jim received the Chairman’s Circle Award in 2019.

More about Jim...

He’s also a licenced Realtor. Jim has been the lead broker for many transactions over the past few years and can boast of a long list of positive testimonials.

M&A Education | OpnRoad


Accelerate your growth and unlock cost-savings with the Partner Network ™ .

Do I keep my own brand?
  • You keep your brand and company.
  • Everything in the partner program can be white-labelled. 
  • Your customer view all the Partner Network IP as yours.
Is this a franchise program?
  • It is a licensing program.
  • There are no franchise fees.
  • There are no restrictive franchise commitments.
  • Run your company as you see fit, and use our technology to accelerate your growth.
How much does it cost?
  • The program costs less than you would pay on one referral payment.
  • The program pays for itself with 1/4 of a valuation per month, or 1/10th of a single new client engagement.
  • For Partner+ subscribers we give you over 3,000 new $3M+ prospects in week one, and the sales system to land the new business.
  • View the complete Partner Network ™ pricing guide
What's in it for OpnRoad?
There’s a lot.
  • As a fellow Partner ™, we share the same international benefits as you. 
  • We generate recurring revenue from all Partners, to continue to build out the best M&A products in the market.
  • As a network, we have more resources to invest in improved marketing, social posts, newsletters, etc. (When we reach five partners we are hiring a full-time social media manager, who will benefit the entire Partner Network ™)
  • Like you, we experience the benefit of increased bench strength to more easily land larger clients.
  • We get to scale faster, with more feedback from increased deal volume, advisor feedback and new ideas from our Partners ™.
How long does it take to set up?
It’s Fast.
  • All onboarding steps are sent to you in a single email.
  • From date of signup, you are able to use your new tools immediately.
  • For the Partner+ program, full data integration takes our team one week to transfer your CRM to the Zoho platform.
  • Building a database of all businesses in your territory (with owner contact information) takes 1-2 weeks, depending on the size of your territory.
How much effort is required from me after I join?
  • Our team handles your setup process, end-to-end.
How much time will it take me to learn the new software?
One Client.
  • Everything we build has short educational videos and is designed to learn on the fly. We set up everything in the Partner Network ™ to be used the first time with a client, so you are getting compensated for learning the new tools.
  • Additionally, all the software and tools are setup so administrative staff can run everything for you if needed – including business valuations.
Can my staff or other brokers access the Network?
  • You can add as many team members as you need to scale.
  • In the Zoho Learning Center, we have built onboarding and training modules for the following roles:
    • Administrator
    • Account Executive
    • Marketing Manager
    • Data Manager
    • Analyst
    • Deal Manager
  • There is a cost for adding on new team members so they have access to the IP and the CRM, which you can explore further in the pricing guide – view the complete Partner Network ™ pricing guide
Is there a long-term contract?

No. (Unless you want one)

  • There is a basic agreement between you and OpnRoad that outlines the Partner Network program, but it can be terminated by you at any time.
  • Some Partners prefer a long-term agreement to guarantee exclusivity on a particular territory. That said, we are not forcing people into long-term arrangements, and if you are not finding extreme value in the partner program, it is not a jail – you can leave with your data, and all your clients at any time.
Who owns the data?
You Own Your Data.
  • You own all of your data, and if you decide to leave the Partner Network, can easily take it with you by exporting everyting from the CRM.
Can I have exclusivity in my region?
  • You can claim a region if desired.
Is there a screening or vetting process?
  • To ensure the integrity of the Partner Network ™, all participants must be of high calibre.
  • Quality is everything for us. All Partners what as strong a network as possible.
  • Our goal for 2023 is to have 5 Partners ™ and get feedback from the early adopters to set the grow objectives.
Who is the network not designed for?

Here are a few situations where the Partner Network ™ is not a fit:

  • If you want to run less than 3 deals a year, investing in this network will not provide a return. You must have a desire to grow your practice to consistently close over 10 deals a year to maximize the value of the network.
  • If you have no desire to sell businesses over $3M in revenue, the network will not be a fit.
  • If you own an active business brokerage which does not focus on M&A.
  • If you own a business brokerage with 10+ agents that runs on a traditional commission-sharing model. This program may be too much of a cultural shift for your team.

Other than these items, it is a fit for anyone who wants to save time, and make more money scaling an M&A practice.

M&A Education | OpnRoad

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