A photo of Scott Duke on the Relentless Growth Podcast.

Scott Duke has founded 11 companies during his entrepreneurial journey; from fleece clothing to a hot-dog stand to a property management firm. All of Scott’s experiences taught him the value of building transferability into a business so that one day, when you’re ready, your business can be sold rather than shut down.

It takes work to make a business attractive to buyers, and that’s where Scott’s expertise comes into play.

Tune in this episode to hear some of the key lessons that he has learned about building to sell, what you should expect from the selling process, the importance of having a plan for your life post-sale, why you must avoid the “owner’s trap,” and more! Today, Scott is the owner of OpnRoad, a merger and acquisition advisory firm, and if you’re looking to sell your business, there’s nobody better to have in your corner!

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