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OpnRoad is Hiring!

 Join a team of hardworking and fun individuals making a positive impact in the lives of small business owners!


OpnRoad helps business owners prepare their companies for sale and then introduces them to the perfect buyers for their business


Our current team is comprised of intelligent, energetic, and organized individuals who live life with a positive mental attitude. We each love our job as it continually provides us with the opportunities and mentorship to fuel our personal growth.


If you want to work with amazing people and push your career to the next level, we need someone to be the administrative support system behind our sales and customer support team. Your role will be to ensure our front-end team is always providing exceptional service to our incredible clients. 

If you want to work for a company that is growing internationally and also allows you the flexibility to work and play in Revelstoke, this position will be a great fit!

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Application Deadline: October 31st, 2021. 
Interviews held the week of November 1st, 2021. 

Position Overview 

This job is all about your personal growth!
We are looking for someone who is forward thinking, interested in personal development and wants to grow with us. We work both remote and in-office located in Revelstoke, BC. You can help create your dream job as we create our dream company!   

Read on for more info...

Who You Are: 

  • Set up to work from home when required
  • ​Tech savvy: We use Google Suite, Microsoft Office, Trello, Slack, Click Funnels, and Zoho One
  • An efficient, pleasant and clear communicator
  • ​Go-getter attitude with a willingness to learn new skills every day
  • ​Interested in being a part of an industry-changing company
  • ​Open-minded and positive
  • ​Plan on staying in Revelstoke for the next year plus

Primary Job Responsibilities:

  • ​Client communication and support
  • ​Client project management
  • ​Managing appointment bookings, calendars and scheduling
  • Updating CRM and data entry
  • ​Managing and responding to multiple email accounts
  • ​Assisting project managers and sales managers with daily and weekly tasks
  • ​Industry research and some direct prospect outreach via LinkedIn and SearchFunder.com
  • ​Business opportunity posting on business listing sites
  • ​Light bookkeeping (we have a bookkeeper and CPA that do 98% of this work)

Qualifications For The Position: 

  • Positive high energy individual. If you are optimistic that today, tomorrow, and everyday thereafter is going to be awesome; you will be a fit.
  • Extremely well organized. We need someone who is very organized, as this will be a big help to our team moving forward.
  • Curious and intelligent. If you learn quickly and enjoy personal growth, you will love this job. Here is a good way to know if this job (and our culture) is a match for you; look at your YouTube history and if 30% + videos are educational or self-betterment you will be a fit. Also if you read non-fiction books for pleasure you will be a fit.
  • Tech Savvy. You are not afraid of current tech or learning new tech. The world changes but you like keeping up.
  • Can work in person and remotely. This job will be a mix of on-location (in office) and remote work.
  • Can handle change. We work fast and are looking for someone who enjoys a quick work pace vs. a job which is repetitive and slow. 
  • Want a career. We are looking for someone interested in growing with the company and want to hire someone looking to stay long term.
  • ​Training. There will be limited training on basic 21's century skills (Google Suite, Slack etc.) but there will be a high level of training on how to succeed in your position. 
  • Helping entrepreneurs. You like the idea of being part of a team that helps entrepreneurs make their companies better!

Who We Are: 

A hard working team of three looking to add our fourth team player as our company continues to grow. 

Day-to-day we help business owners prepare and sell their companies.

We work closely with Zoho One, Google Suite, Slack and ClickFunnels. It is important that you have experience with these platforms or can learn these programs quickly to be an asset to our team. 
More about our team: 
Scott Duke - LinkedIn Page
Dominique Ritchie - LinkedIn Page
Eve Northmore - LinkedIn Page

Once submitted, the software will email you with a link to setup a time for a call to discuss the next steps.

Thank you!


How much does this position pay?

$20.00 - $22.00 CAD per hour depending on experience.

What are the benefits after 6 months?
- Full season's pass to RMR
- Dental coverage (up to $2,000)
- Wage increase upon performance review

What are the hours per week?

We are looking for someone for 20 - 30 hours a week with the ability to fill a full 40 hour work week for the right person and should it be desired by the applicant.

For example a work week could look like: 5 virtual hours on Monday, 8 in-office hours Tuesday - Thursday, and Fridays off.

When does the position start?

We are running interviews the week of November 1st, 2021 and looking to hire shortly thereafter.

Is this job in Revelstoke?

Yes, although a portion of the work can be completed virtually. We are a results oriented organization which allows for more flexibility.

Thank You For Applying!

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