OpnRoad’s suite of products simplify the process of buying and selling a business.

Free Services

Your Industry's Sale Data - FREE

Learn what your competitors sold for and the average multiple business in your industry trade at. 

Request 15 years of data on every business that sold in your industry. The data set includes sale price, sales multiples, deal structure, financial snapshots and is aggregated from our parters at BVR, BRG, IBBA, Biz Minder, Capitaliz and AM&AA, PE Info and M&A Source.

Instant Valuation of Your Business - FREE

Get a quick and accurate range of what a buyer would purchase your business for today on a 15-minute call with one of our M&A Advisors

Business Sale Discovery Call - FREE

Understand the business sale process. A 30-minute call that is a deeper dive on the business sale process, strategies on how to increase your value, how to find buyers, and walkthrough of the business sale process.

Business Sale & Exit Planning Strategy Session - FREE

Learn how to maximize the sale price of your business.  Book a private call with an M&A advisors to discuss your exit options, how and where to find your buyer, and how to maximize the sale price of your business.

Your Freedom Analysis - FREE

Learn how much you need to sell your company for to fund your next chapter in life and simple ways to fill any value gaps.

Seller Services


Our discovery products are low cost options for putting information in the hands of ownership critical to value enhancement and strategic exit planning.

Our tools primarily help shareholders determine their optimal exit method, identify opportunities to maximize sale price, understand the M&A process, identify buyers, and minimizing tax implications from a business sale.


Discovery Products

  • 30 Minute Discovery Call (free)
  • Freedom Calculator (free)
  • Sale Price Optimization Advisory
  • Exit Option Analysis
  • Deal Structure Analysis
  • Offer Analysis
  • Targeted Buyer Analysis
  • Business Valuations


Our valuations determine the exact price range strategic buyers, individual investors, owner operators, and financial buyers will pay for a business – at current interest rates, and in current market conditions.

Our valuations are accurate, simple to understand, and fast to read. All valuations come with an 1-hour Zoom call with the analyst to ensure clarity.

Valuation Products

  • Market Price Valuation
  • Partner Buy-Out Valuation
  • Unsolicited Offer Valuation
  • Competitor Gap Valuation

Sell-Side M&A Advisory

Our firm serves business owners with EBITDA’s of $300K – $2M and our M&A process is designed to increases your sales multiple from 3x to 7x.

Because your future buyer is likely in our network of 7,000+ active investors, our work with your company in the early stages is focused on ensuring your business is prepared to navigate the due-diligence process and your value is maximized.

Included in Sell-Side M&A Advisory

  • Valuation
  • Risk Analysis
  • Pre-Diligence
  • Marketing Materials
  • Access to Professional Network
  • 5 – 15 Buyer Introductions
  • LOI Negotiations
  • Diligence Management
  • Definitive Agreement Management and Negotiations
  • Closing Activities Management

Market Ready Advisory

80% of businesses are unsellable, and 50% of the deals that enter due-diligence are not purchased.

Our Market Ready advisory program includes an Insights Report,  sellability analysis, risk assessment, and pre-due diligence exercise to ensure your company sells, and sells for maximum value.

Included in Due Diligence & Sellability Analysis

  • Valuation (Insight Report)
  • Sellability Analysis
  • Risk Analysis
  • Pre-Diligence Exercise

Buyer Services

Deal Origination

If you know exactly what kind of business you want to purchase (size, geography, industry, EBITDA range), we will build a database of opportunities, connect with each company, and identify the businesses thinking of selling, and introduce you to the owners willing to accept unsolicited offers.

Included in Deal Origination

  • Database of 250 targeted prospects
  • Zoom Introduction to 5 – 7 opportunities

Buy-Side M&A

If you want to delegate the process of acquiring a business from start to finish, our buy-side service is a solid option.

We meet with you for 15 – 60 minutes each week for status updates on your project while managing deal origination, valuations, negotiations, and the entire acquisition process post LOI.

Included in Buy-Side M&A

  • Database of 250 targeted prospects
  • Zoom Introductions to 5 – 7 opportunities
  • Valuation of opportunities
  • Risk analysis of opportunities
  • LOI Negotiations
  • Diligence Management
  • Definitive Agreement Management and Negotiations
  • Closing Activities Management

Acquisition for Immigration

We secure businesses in Canada and the United States for international buyers seeking to obtain permanent residency via corporate transfers.

Other Services

Education Offerings

At OpnRoad we have created over 60 hours of educational content to help owner’s and business brokers who are looking for a DIY solution to learning the process of transitioning a business.

Education Products

  • Business Sale Navigator (Free)
  • Business Sale Accelerator
  • Business Brokerage 101 (For Real Estate Boards)
  • New Course Creation (For Institutions and Organizations)

Speaking Services

Our founder Scott Duke is an established speaker in the M&A space having hosted two of our industries largest events the Exit Plan Summit, and 10X Live.

Speaking Services

  • Podcast Guest
  • YouTube Guest or Episode Creation
  • Conferences Speaker
  • Event Host


Sell-Side M&A

  • Exit Planning
  • Exit Options Analysis
  • Sellability Analysis
  • Valuations
  • Risk Analysis
  • Pre-Diligence Exercise
  • Marketing Materials Creation
  • Buyer Introductions
  • LOI Negotiations
  • Diligence Management
  • Closing Activities Management

Buy-Side M&A

  • Deal Origination
  • Opportunity Valuation
  • Opportunity Risk Analysis
  • LOI Negotiations
  • Diligence Management
  • Closing Activities Management


  • Market Price Valuation
  • Partner Buy-Out Valuation
  • Unsolicited Offer Valuation
  • Competitor Gap Valuation


  • Acquisition for Immigration
  • Business Sale Navigator Course
  • Business Sale Accelerator Course
  • Business Brokerage 101 (For Real Estate Boards)
  • New Course Creation (For Institutions and Organizations)
  • Speaking Engagements

Top 5 – Deal Killers

From 2001 – 2010, our founder Scott Duke had 5 of his 11 companies fail to sell. This was his primary motivator for learning how to build transferability into a business and entering into the M&A industry.

When it comes to failed business sales, Scott is not alone. 80% of businesses that go to market never sell, or have to be liquidated.

Listed below are the top five reasons businesses fail to sell:


If a business’s normalized earnings are under $100,000 it creates challenges for a sale because there is not enough free cash flow to pay an owner’s salary and service the debt from financing a purchase.

Role-Identity Fusion

In many instances, businesses are unsellable because the owner has tied their identity, social wellbeing, and life’s purpose to the creation and operation of the business.

Subconsciously, they think if they sell the business a part of them is dying. The subconscious thought of death prohibits them from signing sale documents. 

Owner Dependance

If an owner needs to work in a business more than 10 hours per week, it’s an indication of owner dependence.

Some owners can easily resolve this issue by delegating work to a GM. Others have difficulty transferring power and are forced to stay on for 2-3 years post-sale to train a new manager for the buyer.

In some cases, the owner’s skill set is not transferable, making the business unsellable.

Customer Concentration

If a single customer represents more than 15% of revenue, 90% of buyers will not move forward with a purchase as the riskiness of the business is too high.

If a single customer represents more than 30% of revenue, the business is unsellable. As investment banker Rob Slee states, “the company is one phone call away from oblivion.”

Supplier or Key Person Dependance

If the business is reliant on a single supplier that can’t be replaced, it may be unsellable.

If the business is reliant on a single employee’s knowledge or skillset it may be unsellable.

Upcoming Events

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IBBA Conference: April 5th – 8th …More Info

M&A Source Conference: April 8th – 10th …More Info

How to Win in Your Deal

Experienced, practiced, and equipped competitors win at any game.

And in the world of business sales and acquisition the most experienced players have an extremely unfair advantage.

When selling your most valuable asset, to ensure you are prepared to win you must:

  • Know what your company is worth and why.
  • Ensure your company will make it though an investor’s discovery and due diligence process.
  • Prepare your business so it’s set up to be transferable.
  • Hire an experienced team and tie their compensation to your wealth creation.

Brochure and Pricing

If you would like more detail on any of our products or services please download our brochure.

Our brochure details the cost of each product, outlines how each service is delivered, and how it benefits our clients.




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