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Business Valuations

OpnRoad’s proprietary valuation tool, the Market Value Assessment (MVA) ™, is the most comprehensive valuation and exit planning report in North America.

M&A Education | OpnRoad

A Clear View of Your Future

Unlike traditional academic valuations, the MVA sheds light on every growth and exit option available for your company.

Specifically designed to sharpen decision-making for shareholders, our MVA ™ report is simple to read and gives shareholders clarity around the present and potential value of their business asset.

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M&A Education | OpnRoad

Maximize the Value of Your Private Shareholdings

Join Scott Duke in a 90-second video on how to leverage the Market Value Assessment ™ to perfectly position your company to sell for maximum value.

M&A Education | OpnRoad

Common Questions

Our advisors, analysts, and programmers have spent the last eight years developing the perfect tool to optimize owner benefit when transferring private company shareholdings.

Here are some of the answers the MVA™ provides.

  • What is the current value of my shares?

  • What drives the value of my business?

  • Should I run my business for a few more years before selling?

  • Should I sell my business to my employees?

  • How much will specific buyers pay for my business?

  • How does my business compare to my industry?

  • Can I sell only a portion of my business?

  • What can I do to increase the sale price of my company?

  • My company isn’t operating efficiently – is it still saleable?

  • How much will I pay in taxes?

  • How much cash will I ultimately walk away with upon sale?

M&A Education | OpnRoad

How We Differ from Traditional Valuations

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Preview the MVA ™ and experience how OpnRoad’s valuation differs from traditional black-and-white academic papers.


We created our report to educate readers on the valuation process, and what buyers screen for in a company prior to making an offer. Our team focused on making each page visual, clear, and concise.


The MVA ™ focuses more on what you can do in the future to increase value, as opposed to looking at what happened in the past – something you can’t change.

Real Application

Our valuation is not an academic paper – it is designed for guiding shareholder decision making in the real world.

Many of the valuations we run guide owners go-to-market strategy, and will be stress tested in real world environments.

M&A Education | OpnRoad

Increase Your Sale Price with our MVA

The MVA has eleven sections, which combine in harmony to tell the story of your companies current value, and more importantly, the actions you can take to immediately to increase value. Each section is visual and uses real life examples for greater understanding. 

An overview of each part of the MVA is outlined below: 

Part 1 & 2

Executive Summary

In the first five pages the MVA brings you clarity on your companies current value, risk profile, industry multiples, and recommendations for improving salability and increasing sale price.

OpnRoad MVA Cover

Part 3
Earnings Analysis

Part three normalizes your financials to identify the true earning potential of your business.

The normalization process also creates a set of adjusted financials which can be used with potential buyers – identifying true net profit, versus the profit on your P&L designed to minimize taxes. 

OpnRoad MVA Cover

Part 4
Risk Analysis

The primary reason businesses fail to sell is their returns are not high enough to offset risk. In most cases, (where risk is identified) it is easier to reduce risk than increase returns.

Part 4 of the MVA looks at 36 risk drivers to identify where risk can be reduced or removed to increase shareholder value and sellability. 

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Part 5

Part 5 visualizes and explains eleven valuation methods to identify your businesses range of value.

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Part 6
Market Value

Part six determines the exact range of values buyers will be willing to pay for your business.

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Part 7
Buyer Insights

Not all buyers are created equal. Part seven of the report details the 12 types of buyers in the market, the pros and cons of each, what they are likely to pay, and how they will structure a purchase.

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Part 8
Value Enhancement

Part eight of the report identifies risk to your sale, and details the steps to remove the risk and increase value.

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Part 9
Efficiency Analysis

Part nine performs a benchmark analysis, break-even analysis, sustainable growth analysis and looks at 20 industry ratios to determine the health of your business from an efficiency standpoint.

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Part 10
Value Gap Analysis

Part ten uses the results from part nine and identifies how much money will be left on the table at the time of sale as a result of company inefficiency.

OpnRoad MVA Cover

Part 11
Cash at Close

Part eleven calculates how much cash you will walk away with on closing day after all transaction costs.

OpnRoad MVA Cover
M&A Education | OpnRoad

Our Valuation Process

OpnRoad’s valuation process is quick to complete and relatively low cost. Here are the six steps that go into your Market Value Assessment™.

Step 1: Schedule a Call

Get in touch with our valuation team.

Step 2: Data Collection

We collect quantitative and qualitative information on your business with our streamlined intake process.

Step 3: Initial Analysis

Our Valuation team completes a a preliminary analysis and draft market value assessment.

Step 4: Follow-Up with Owner

Our M&A advisor reaches out for additional clarity and information, as required.

Step 5: Report Delivery

Our 175-page MVA report is finalized and delivered to you.

Step 6: Shareholder Presentation

Our M&A advisor reaches out for additional clarity and information, as required.