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We built the most comprehensive valuation and exit planning tool on the market.

Absolute Clarity

Sharpen your decision-making with clarity on present and potential value.



M&A Education | OpnRoad

Free Valuation

Unlock an additional $1M of generational wealth using our complementary tool.



M&A Education | OpnRoad

Market Value Assessment

Our comprehensive MVA™ report delivers absolute clarity for owners looking to maximize the value of their company.


The MVA ™ educates shareholders on the valuation process and what buyers screen for prior to making an offer. Each page is visually-clear and concise.

Forward Looking

The MVA ™ focuses on what you can do in the future to increase value, as opposed to looking at what happened in the past – something you can’t change.

Real World

Our report guides owners towards a  practical go-to-market strategy, and is stress-tested in real world environments.

M&A Education | OpnRoad

Inside the MVA™

A step-by-step guide for increasing company value, specific to your business.

Parts 1 & 2

Executive Summary

A summary of the key takeaways and recommendations – your company’s current value, risk profile, industry multiples, and recommendations for improving saleability and sale price.

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Part 3
OpnRoad MVA Cover


Our analysts normalize (adjust) your reported financials based on certain parameters to identify the true earning potential of your firm.

This normalization process creates  a set of adjusted financials, which may be requested by potential buyers.

Part 4


The primary reason a company will fail to sell is that returns do not offset the risk associated with them.

Where risk is identified, it is likely easier to reduce risk than increase returns.

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Part 5
OpnRoad MVA Cover


This section of the report compares eleven different valuation methodologies to determine a market value of your company.

Part 6

Market Value

This section outlines the exact range of values that buyers will be willing to pay for your business.

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Part 7
OpnRoad MVA Cover

Buyer Insights

Not all buyers are created equally.

This section outlines twelve different types of buyers in the market, the pros and cons of each, how much they are likely to pay, and how they typically structure a purchase.

Part 8

Value Enhancement

This section outlines clear steps to reduce risk in various areas, with the objective of increasing value.

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Part 9
OpnRoad MVA Cover


This section includes a benchmark analysis, break-even analysis, and sustainable growth analysis

Twenty industry ratios are utilized to grade your company based on efficiency.

Part 10

Value Gap

Using the findings in Part 9, this section identifies how much money will be left on the table at the time of sale as a result of certain inefficiencies.

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Part 11
OpnRoad MVA Cover

Cash at Close

This section identifies how much cash shareholders will walk away with upon closing, after all transaction costs.

M&A Education | OpnRoad


Value Enhancement

Business Sale Preparation

Partner Buyout

Management Buyout

Transition to Children

Transition Planning

Strategic Planning

Attracting Equity Investment

Growth Financing

Business Acquisition Assessment


Estate Planning

Exit Planning

Evaluating Unsolicited Offers

M&A Education | OpnRoad

Simple Process

Schedule your free valuation with us today.



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1. Free Valuation

We run a free valuation with you to identify market value. We also determine if a complete valuation assessment would be beneficial.

2. Data Collection

Our streamlined online form collects your detailed information in as little as 15 minutes.

3. Initial Analysis

Our Valuation team completes a a preliminary analysis.

4. Follow-Up with Owner

Our M&A advisor reaches out for additional clarity and information, as required.

5. Report Delivery

Our 185-page MVA report is finalized and delivered to you, in electronic of physical formats.

6. Shareholder Presentation

Our M&A advisor personally walks your shareholder group through the valuation on a 60-minute call.